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No Reservations and Bizarre Foods Drinking Games

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No Reservations (or any other show with Anthony Bourdain) Drinking Game

Simple version:
Drink every time
– Bourdain drinks
– Bourdain is drunk or otherwise intoxicated
– every time there is something beeped out (but start counting from the second beep each episode)

Advanced version:
Drink also when
– in an episode with Zamir, Zamir drinks
– or Bourdain wants to get a revenge to Zamir
– every time Bourdain makes a mentions some white chick Travel Channel show like that of Samantha Brown
– every time Bourdain mentions cocaine
– every time an animal is butchered
– every time Bourdain mentions “porn”, “come to papa”, “gluttony”, “bad boy”, “punished”

Bizarre Foods Drinking Game

Simple version:
Drink every time
– Zimmern uses the words “nutty” or “earthy”, “oh my god”, “amazing”, “so good”

Advanced Version:
Also drink when
– Bourdain would be drinking if it was his episode

Also – Restaurant Impossible version of the game