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Restaurant Impossible Drinking Game


Restaurant Impossible Drinking Game

Since No Reservations and Bizarre Foods have their own version, time to have a drinking game for Restaurant Impossible as well.

Simple version:
Drink every time
– Robert gets a case of robertirvinitis (= gets an urge to knock down a wall with a huge hammer)
– When the result of robertirvinitis creates more work (and frustrates Tom)
– When something is “terrible”, “has no taste”, “outdated”, or is “the worst I have ever seen”
– If the food before is unseasoned
– If the food before comes out of a can

Advanced version:
Drink also when
– Some guest they interview after opening the renovated place says he has been coming to that restaurant for at least ten years – when the average amount of customers per week prior to the intervention clearly underlies the lie
– When anyone cries
– When they show the Lexus (bottom line? I don’t mind. If it helps finance the best show on Food Network, go for it)
– When they show the HGTV paint bucket (for this, or for Lexus, only when it’s in the show – if it’s on an ad break, ignore)
– When someone says “wow” or “oh my god” when the new look is revealed
– If the owners had no clue about restaurant business when they opened the place
– If the owners have no clue about their food cost
– When the chefs and owners are amazed how much difference adding salt and pepper can do to the taste of the food
– When the owners who had no clue and no experience bought the restaurant, they bought it so that they could spend more time with their young children

Extra – when the owners don’t like the new interiors – finish the whole bottle. (So far I have not seen a single case where they would not have liked the interior, so pretty amazing job for the interiors too)