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Howdy y’all

It’s 2011 for those calculating the time in the Gregorian format. What an earth am I doing with a blog? Starting it in 2011. Good question.

Short answer: I am trying to get back and keep my vibe of writing. I had my first site in 1996, and since then I’ve been in countless places. But like books, sometimes when a topic is complete, it’s complete. Quit adding pages to a thriller and write a new one. Pick a new hobby, a new passion, and learn something new. Learn something new every day. And keep writing. Keep drawing, keep dreaming, keep asking questions. 

For quite a while now, I’ve been about to start here at wordpress. Why now and not years ago? What I used before worked. Many of my friends used that platform. And yet I did try the new platforms every now and played with them. I wasn’t impressed with Blogger/Blogspot. Livejournal sounds cheesy, but with heavy hacks it worked quite well before the explosion in Russian spambots starting to flood the comments. That was the last drop there. I closed the comments for all but friends months ago. When was the last time I truely wrote anything there, other than a meme “what do you think of..”? Last June. For a long time since then I felt very private, not wanting to share my thoughts in public. But that’s only part of the reason. The other platforms died for me, and maybe I also just needed a fresh, new start. So here we go.

The last blog I started in 2003 and I was there until now. Many countries and one important relationship and a few jobs later, here we are again. Fresh start. No fear of blank paper. Writing feels good, like once one is at the ocean again after having always lived around the ocean but now living hours away from it. A mental clarity like only a writer, a compulsive reader, a functional Autistic person could have. A fresh start.

My fluffy daughter, Ellie, using her iPad. The app here is Fish Pond, but she likes to play Godfinger.