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Groupon – the ultimate Stuff White People Like

White wine, in White House, Kinsale, Ireland... a place that white people like

I used to like some of the items listed in Stuff White People Like. But I guess they ran out of ideas, or publishing a book was enough. There are no more regular updates in that site (so it sort of fell out of my active radar).

But of the stuff they list there, the most important item is missing.

Most of the items on the list are correct, sure. Even I’m “guilty” of some of them – of the 134 items listed on the list page, I like more or less 15 items (I tried to count the items I don’t care for but I gave up, having roughly 90 % of the items listed on that… and I don’t feel like making a separate list of items that I hate, or I have no clue what they are. Those two combined have a higher number than the 15 of likes/cares about). Coffee (liked by people of other colors too – my preference goes to a local importer of Vietnamese coffee at the moment, usually preferring some household brands of Italy of the regions I lived in, avoiding the overpriced “rarer than Starbucks” “My coffee is better than yours” type of coffee brands that I would list as Stuff White People Really Really Like. Bicycles (necessity for me most of my life, the only affordable form of transport for distances greater than comfortable with a bicycle), sushi, band t-shirts, some tw-shows etc etc. 

But the ultimate? That came as a realization a few weeks ago after weeks of reading the items offered on a newsletter. Groupon. That just incorporates so the essence of things that should be on the list of Stuff White People Like. So perhaps time to create a list of Stuff That Has Been On Groupon, that pretty much summarizes the concept very neatly.

So many of the items have been “really” and “WTF” of products I didn’t know existed, or that I didn’t know people wanted to spend that much money to start with. Let’s see. In around 6 months I have seen one deal that I considered worth getting ($ 20 coupon for Body Shop, worth $ 40 of items. I didn’t get it as I had plenty of stuff from Lush! left). And what else have I seen? I should have made a proper list of the most WTF items…. Christmas lights (a deal that made any sense if you spent at least $ 250 for your Christmas lights), “Pubcrawler”  (this being a total fail of understanding the concept. Pub crawl is when you walk from pub to pub, drink in the pub… not when you ride a monumental tandem bike and drink and ride, and only stop at a pub to relieve yourself), expensive manicures, 50 % off take tans, of manicures, of some clothing I’ve never heard of, of some restaurants that totally scream of Stuff White Better Than Trendy People Who Are So Ahead Of The Others They Do Groupon like… (yes, a few of those food places I might try eventually. But there are so many more interesting and affordable ones to try too in this city), speed boat rentals… Over half a year, so many of the items listed in Groupon have been so nail on the spot for Stuff White People Like, those listed above being some of the more memorable items among them.

There are a few competitors to Groupon. Morgan’s Deals is a bit more local and smaller one, and while there still are many white items on their deals, it’s not as screaming as Groupon. Google was planning to do some competition (which I have not followed closer). There’s also RueLaLa which is more high end brand shopping alternative to outlet stores, but even that screams less of the stuff for just Whites. Hey, I even saw a bike in RueLaLa that I now absolutely want (and I will get one for me, one for someone else, eventually… foldable = practical, no more stolen bikes).

So, after that realization I started to look Groupon with new eyes, and its offerings have confirmed my thoughts ever since. If you like Stuff White People Like, as that site isn’t getting regular updates any more, perhaps it’s time to join Groupon, for your daily dosage of Stuff White People Like.