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Firefox has a clueless or mocking sense of humor

Since I upgraded my OS to Mac OS X 10.7, I’ve been positively surprised how smooth it is compared to all the other pre-release OS I’ve used. In fact, the only problems I’ve had have been with audio built-in, but I’m not 100 % whether the problems of not recognizing any input are due to the OS or someone having taken apart this Mac later. Previously I didn’t have problems with it, but I was on a different Mac too. So this time, not using my own.

Firefox just had a funnily stupid error message:

Your Flash Player is out of date. Never fear, we can help.

To keep you as safe as possible, we recommend you upgrade your Flash Player. Without it, your browser could be less stable and less secure. So get the free update now or learn more.

Wait, to be safe and secure I should have or install Flash player? Wow, great security advice. Especially as the standard controls of any browser do not allow to be enough anal in the flash cookie policies. My default for that, when or if I have Flash on a system installed, is to not allow R, W, or X for the folder of Flash cookies. There are other ways to get rid of and to get better control of those cookies too.

It would be a better thing to advice me that I might miss some of the “fun” when I don’t have Flash installed than to be less secure, as that’s not the case. But what is Flash really used for? Mostly for ads. 99 % of the Flash things are stuff I do not want to see. 100 % of the Flash things are things I want to decide myself whether I want to see them, and not have them loaded by default. Flash is 100 % unsuitable for using it for serious business apps, such as stores or kbases. Flash is useless, and it’s also so 1998. Meh. Meh.

Screw you, Firefox. No, I’m not installing Flash.