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a bout |əˈbout|prepositionon the subject of; concerning I was thinking about you I asked him about his beliefs.• so as to affect there’s nothing we can do about it.• ( be about) be involved or to do with; have the intention of it’s all about having fun.used to indicate movement within a particular area she looked about the room.used to express location in a particular place rugs strewn about the hall |he produced a knife from somewhere about his person.• used to describe a quality apparent in a person there was a look about her that said everything.adverbused to indicate movement in an area men were floundering about |finding my way about.used to express location in a particular place there was a lot of flu abouta thief about in the hotel.(used with a number or quantity) approximately reduced by about 5 percent he’s about 35.PHRASESabout to do something intending to do something or close to doing something very soon the ceremony was about to not about to do something be unwilling to do something he is not about to step down after so about see how .just about see just .know what one is about informal be aware of the implications of one’s actions or of a situation, and of how best to deal with them.up and about see up .what about see what .ORIGIN Old English onbūtan, from on būtan [outside of.]
Expected to see something else? I thought I was the only one ever bothering to read the “About Me” pages, and that only ever would be when running to a blog by some outrageous comment somewhere else in the Internet.
Fine, you can have it. I’m a human. I live with a human and two feline friends. I don’t like attaching labels to people. Want labels? Geek, crafter, engineer, human, [insert adjective for some place], [insert adjective for some other places], engineer, reverse engineer, hobbyist photographer, food fanatic, reader, thinker, doer, writer… 

Blue sky

Things I like: sea, ocean, Macs, unix based operating systems, lazy programming, cats, mysteries and thrillers (especially world ones), traveling, photography, bookcrossing, languages (some of them at least), swimming, running, gardening odd plants, exploring…

Things I don’t like: pointless celebrities, breedertastic news, people who want an in-depth analysis for a simple “how are you?”, loud people of any age, loud, crowded places. And for anything else, why not read the blog…

Other online presences where I am include e.g. Linkedin, Facebook, delicious, flickr etc.


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  1. Happy Birthday. :)

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