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Attempts in Refasioning Clothes

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T-shirt refashioned. by uninorth13
T-shirt refashioned – this used to be an unwearably XXXL plain t.

As I love finding new uses for things, whether they are in kitchen, garden, wardrobe, or about anywhere else, it was time to hit the wardrobe with some updates.

Here some more of my current and future attempts in wardrobe refashioning.

I know I’m late to jump in (also this) bandwagon, but better late than never. Plus as I love shopping the local Goodwill and Salvation Army (because they are cheaper) for random interesting t-shirts, I can smell ahead some more clothes hacks and refashioning attempts. Especially  as I finally have a sewing machine that works the way I want.


Author: UnuhiNuiʻi

"Oh, I see" (not literally). Accessibility user and advocate.

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